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Aetovigla Guesthouses

Krousonas, Heraklion Crete, 71000 Greece


“Aetovigla” means the observatory of the eagleThe few remaining pairs of Gypaetus Barbatus build their nests here.

It is a group of six detached fully furnished villas built from curved stone and wood according to traditional architecture and with respect to the environment. There is a public swimming pool, a small and friendly reception that also serves as a lounge café, an organic vegetable garden where guests can freely use products and of course a traditional restaurant where visitors can taste local specialities made of natural products of Crete.

Aetovigla is situated on the side of a hill on the eastern feet of mountain Psiloritis (Idi) at a height of 800m.They are at the entrance of the gorge of Ag. Irini, 25 km west of Heraklion City and only 4km from the historic village of Krousonas.


  • Private Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Bar

Things To Do

With “Aetovigla” as a starting point visitors can explore the broader area, enjoy the natural beauty and meet friendly people!

  • Don't miss going hiking to the Cretan mountains.
    Don't miss going hiking to the Cretan mountains.

    We suggest you to follow the path parallel to the gorge of Agia Irene up to the Krousonas Plateau (1300m). Get to know the endemic plants and herbs of mountain Psiloritis (3500 different kinds), a typical day of the Cretan shepherds and the traditional way of breeding and cheese making. Don’t miss a visit to the traditional “mitata”(arched small buildings made of stone without any connecting materials) the houses of the shepherds. (4km)

  • Visit the women’s monastery of Agia Irini
    Visit the women’s monastery of Agia Irini

    The women's monastery of Agia Irini is 1,5km from Aetovigla. Stunning location, this monastery is a place of peace and prayer!

  • Museum Of Traditional Instruments "THIRATHEN"
    Museum Of Traditional Instruments "THIRATHEN"

    Just 5km from Aetovigla, at the historical village of Krousonas is located the Museum of Greek folk music, musical instruments, research and documentation with the characteristic name "THIRATHEN" ( thyrathen pedia = classical education education in Byzantium who had secular nature). In a renovated traditional house, where the sounds of nature pollinate the traditional instruments and spawn ever insuperable melodies, reserves to the visitor a trip to the charm of the music. One of the purposes of the museum is the local society's acquaintance with Greek traditional music in its entirety and its familiarity with the traditional instruments initial of the local ones, and then those of the neighbouring countries.

  • Ideon Andron Cave
    Ideon Andron Cave

    Ideon Cave (or Ideon Antron) is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Ida (Psiloritis), in the plateau of Nida. The distance of the cave from Aetovigla is 15km. The cave has not any special geological value, but has enormous mythological and cultural value, as this is the cave in which, according to the legend, the greatest Greek god, Zeus, was grown up. Today, thousands of tourists visit the cave every year, especially during the summer months.


  • 90,00 From / per night