Aetovigla places great importance on the privacy and personal data protection of its visitors/users. It is duly noted that personal data comprise, with respect to the relevant legislation (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU) only the information relating to an identified or – based on specific attributes – identifiable natural person(data subject). Information relating to legal entities and groups of persons or information of a statistical nature, from which traceability to an identified or identifiable natural person in not possible, do not fall under this data category and are exempt from the scope of implementation of the relevant legislation.

This personal data protection policy is entirely compatible with the European Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (EU/2016/679) and the relevant Greek Legislation.
Aetovigla may amend the current policy at any time and without prior notification, making such an amendment public through this website. Navigation and use of this website by visitors/users corresponds to acknowledgment on the visitors’/users’ part that they have read, understood and unconditionally accepted this privacy policy.

In the following terms you will find important information with regard to the nature, the purpose of use and the protection of your personal data, but also your rights as subjects with respect to this data. For any clarifications, you may contact the Aetovigla’s Data Protection Officer at

• Data Controller: Aetovigla Guesthouses is the Data Controller of personal data.
• Collected personal data: During your visit on our website, you are not obliged to provide us with your personal information. The sole cases in which we request your consent to the collection of your personal data are:

1. When you fill in the electronic contact form. In this case, we request the following information:
▪ Email (required)
▪ Name and Surname (optional)
▪ Telephone (optional)
2. During your visit on our website certain information, such as your computer’s IP address (Internet Protocol Address) may automatically be collected. For more information you may read our relevant Cookies Policy below or it our Terms of Use.

Aetovigla keeps a dedicated webpage in social network platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You may contact the administrators of each of our hotel’s websites via messaging. In the event that the administrator of each page receives messages that contain personal data of natural persons, these are handled by us as strictly confidential and their use serves exclusively the purpose of communicating with us and upon fulfilment of the purpose for which they have been collected, they are deleted.

Aetovigla does not and may not exercise any influence or control with respect to the nature and the extent of personal data collected and stored by social network platforms as a condition or as a result of their use and bears no responsibility for the collection and processing of personal data which is carried out such platforms. For further information regarding the purposes of the collection and further processing and use of personal data by social network platforms, as well as for the rights and available settings for the protection of your privacy and your personal data, please consult the personal data privacy policy of the respective social network platform.
• Purpose and principles of personal data collection: Aetovigla collects and processes its visitors’/users’ personal data solely and exclusively for the fulfilment of its purposes and services and, more precisely, the advancement of its communication with you within the scope of the rendering of our services, as well as for marketing purposes. Processing is limited to personal data which is necessary and appropriate for the fulfilment of the purposes and functionality of its node. Processing is subject to the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation and the relevant European Union legislation, to the Greek legislation and to the relevant international conventions and treaties.
• Use of collected personal data: The personal data collected through the contact platform available on our website, as well as any other data that may be sent to us via the profiles that we maintain in various social media systems are used solely for the fulfilment of communication purposes with you and for the better rendering of services to you. Cookies used during navigation on our website are utilised for the purpose of traffic analysis of our website, as well as for the better understanding of your preferences and the display of relevant advertisements in third-party websites. No further processing, forwarding or exchange of such data is carried out. In any event, for the aforementioned use of your personal data, your prior relevant consent is asked beforehand.
• Cookies Policy: During navigation on this website, Aetovigla may collect user identification data using all relevant technologies, such as cookies and/or monitoring of Internet Protocol addresses (IP). Cookies are small text strings sent to the browsing application by a website visited by the user. Cookies are used to expedite the website in storing information relevant to the user’s visit, such as e.g. your preferred language, the storing of your preferences, with respect to safe browsing, the calculation of user traffic or the expedited registration to our services.
How to control cookies: You may control or delete cookies, depending on your preferences. You may find details at You may delete all cookies that are already stored on your computer, and you may also customise most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, in this event, you may have to manually customise certain preferences, each time you visit a website. The user may use the website without issues and without the use of cookies, but there may be a usability issue with respect to the functionality of certain services on the website. Any personal data collected via cookies and which may be traced back to the specific visitor/user is the object of processing exclusively for the purposes described above.
• Transmission/Notification of data to third parties: Personal data collected may be notified or passed over to third parties, in the even that this is mandated by lawful obligations or is necessary for the fulfilment of purposes and services on the website, on condition that relevant legislation is respected. We may assign to physical or legal entities the carrying out of certain services and functionalities of the website, such as the carrying out of linear reservations. These entities are only provided with such personal data as are necessary for the fulfilment of the assigned services and all entities involved are legally bound to us by confidentiality and the safe processing of your personal data.
• Your rights with respect to data processing that pertain to you: In accordance to provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016/EU, you have the right, both during collection of your personal data and at a later time, to be informed of any processing taking place of your data pertinent to you, for the purpose of this, as well as any notification/transmission to third parties and of the identity of said parties (information and access right). You also have the right to ask for the amendment, updating or even the deletion of your personal data such as we keep a record of. Additionally, you have the right of limiting data processing as well as the right to an opposition procedure.
For information about the exercise of your legal rights, you may contact the Data Protection Administrator at and we will expedite the exercise of the aforementioned rights. If, nevertheless, you may consider that the issue of your contention has not been resolved by us, you reserve the right to address the competent supervisory authority (for Greece,, where all relevant information may be retrieved).
• Confidentiality and security: Personal data collected by us within the scope of the website’s functionality are solely necessary for the purposes of our communication with you. They are strictly confidential and are kept on record solely for the uses of said communication. Access to the data is allowed only to a few executives of Aetovigla Guesthouses, who are bound by confidentiality. In addition, we maintain adequate security systems and take all relevant, appropriate and necessary precautionary and recording measures, so as to avoid any security breach of personal data (leakage, disclosure, unauthorised access) of our systems.
• Amendment of this personal data protection policy: This personal data protection policy may change, whenever this is deemed necessary and always in accordance with the national and European law. For this reason, you are called upon to visit this webpage regularly for your own personal information. Navigation and use of this website by visitors/users corresponds to concession on the visitors’/users’ part that they have read, understood and implicitly accepted this privacy policy.
Contact: If you have any queries with regard to this personal data protection policy you may contact the Data Protection Administrator at